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KREBS set collars. A name which stands for reliability, promptness, accuracy and highest quality.


Set collars DIN 705 made of free cutting and stainless steel 1.4305 are part of our stock program. This way we can guarantee that your individual set collars with threaded pin and customized surface coating can be delivered on shortest notice. It goes without saying that we also produce set collars made of brass, aluminum and further standard materials.

Set collars DIN 705

We provide the optimum set collar for your individual needs:

  • Assembly with DIN 553 (ISO 7434), DIN 913 (ISO 4026), DIN 914 (ISO 4027) DIN 916 (ISO 4029)
  • Assembly with customized screws and threaded pins
  • Surface coatings
  • Packaging service

Customized set collars

We provide your customized solution for specially sized or individually designed set collars, e.g. with a bug or several threads. Just let us know what your specific requirements are. We will produce your individual set collar. Depending on your needs we can also deliver set collars with surface coating or fitted with pin. Reliable and prompt delivery is taken for granted. Set collars fit on shafts and axes and are the best solution to fix further components. They are the optimum technical solution for fixed mountings.

A varied field of options will provide the ideal set collar.

You may download our current data sheet here.

Thanks to our well-stocked warehouse we are well prepared to meet your needs. Take advantage of our opportunities.